Aromatherapy scented candles are a popular choice for relaxation and stress relief. They are made with essential oils such as lavender, which have therapeutic properties and can help alleviate stress. However, the specific benefits of using essential oils in candles have not been extensively studied.

Despite this, many people find aromatherapy candles calming due to the pleasant aroma they emit and the soft lighting they create. These candles are often associated with self-care and can encourage individuals to take some time for themselves.

In this article, we will explore the potential benefits of aromatherapy candles, discuss different types of candles available, and provide safety tips for their use.

It is important to note that while research suggests that essential oils may offer some health benefits, their purity and quality are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Therefore, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using essential oils. Additionally, it is recommended to research the quality of a brand’s products before purchasing them. Conducting a patch test before trying a new essential oil is also recommended.

What Exactly Are Aromatherapy Candles?

Aromatherapy candles refer to one of the types of decorative candles that contain varying amounts of essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated substances derived from plants and resins.

Since there is no standardized definition for what qualifies as an aromatherapy candle, these products can vary in terms of quality and potency. Some may contain only essential oils, while others might combine them with artificial fragrances.

While researchers have not fully explored the potential health benefits of using essential oil candles specifically, certain essential oils have shown promise in relieving stress. For example, a study back in 2019 found that inhaling lavender essential oil can reduce anxiety.

Past studies suggest that other essential oils possibly also help alleviate stress:

However, it is important to note that these studies had a small number of participants and did not specifically investigate the use of candles for inhalation. Therefore, it remains unclear if these benefits would also apply to individuals using aromatherapy candles in general. The calming effects of candles may be attributed to their association with relaxation.

Aromatherapy candles offer an additional benefit that distinguishes them from other scented candles: some do not utilize synthetic fragrances. This distinction is important because exposure to artificial fragrances can have negative impacts on health, causing adverse effects such as;

In the United States, companies are not legally required to disclose the ingredients they use in scented products. As a result, it can be challenging for consumers to determine which candles contain artificial fragrances and which ones solely rely on essential oils.

Now let’s take a look at three options for aromatherapy candles that are known for their stress-relieving properties. These products meet the following criteria:

Serenity by Aroma Naturals

Boasting 100% natural composition infused with essential oils and plant aromas. Lavender and ylang-ylang are carefully blended into this candle’s formula, offering potential stress-relieving benefits.

While the precise ingredients list remains undisclosed by the manufacturers, they assure customers that only plant-derived components are used to create this environmentally friendly candle. The blend of soy and vegetable wax ensures both longevity and eco-friendliness while lead-free wicks provide peace of mind during use. Expect up to 45 hours of burn time from this exquisite creation.

Aroma Naturals holds certifications from esteemed organizations such as the Organic Trade Association and Leaping Bunny—a testament to their commitment against animal testing.

Lime Basil Mandarin from T&H

An impressive creation featuring an invigorating blend of lime, basil, and mandarin scents. The manufacturers claim that this unique combination has mood-lifting properties while maintaining a gentle aroma that won’t overwhelm the senses.

To ensure an authentic experience, this candle is crafted without the use of artificial scents. Instead, it relies on a 100% soy wax base without any paraffin. While the full ingredients list remains undisclosed, rest assured that T&H prioritizes transparency and quality in their products. With three wicks illuminating up to 80 hours of burn time, this candle is truly captivating.

Like the other brands mentioned, T&H does not conduct animal testing and ensures that their candles are vegan-friendly. Additionally, their commitment to sustainability shines through with handmade and recyclable glass jar packaging.

Tangerine Jasmine by Edens Garden

A delightful fusion of natural jasmine and tangerine scents. This unique combination blends floral and citrus notes for a truly aromatic experience. Aromatherapists often associate jasmine with relaxation and improved sleep, making this candle perfect for creating a soothing ambiance.

Packaged in a frosted glass container, this candle features a slow-burning wick that allows the fragrance to gradually diffuse throughout the room. The wax used in this candle is derived from coconuts, ensuring a clean burn that lasts approximately 40 hours.

What sets Edens Garden apart is their commitment to using only high-quality ingredients. They proudly state that their candles are free from synthetic fragrances, fillers, and toxic chemicals. To ensure purity and authenticity, each batch of candles undergoes gas chromatography or mass spectrometry testing. This meticulous process guarantees that the essential oils used are of exceptional quality.

Manufactured in California, Edens Garden strives to create their products sustainably by utilizing vegan-friendly ingredients. This dedication to ethical practices adds an extra layer of appeal to their already remarkable candles.

Risks and Safety

While candles offer a cozy atmosphere and delightful aromas, it’s crucial to be aware of safety precautions and potential risks associated with their use. Candles are responsible for approximately 8,200 home fires annually in the U.S. so it’s important to exercise caution:

It’s also worth considering potential adverse effects related to essential oils used in these candles. While safe when used appropriately in the home at recommended concentrations, some individuals may experience skin or eye irritation or allergic reactions when exposed to essential oil fragrances.

However, it’s important to note that not all manufacturers disclose all ingredients used in scented products. Therefore, adverse reactions could potentially be caused by hidden perfumes or undisclosed components.

Certain essential oils can be toxic to pets or pose risks for children and pregnant individuals. Always consider the presence of others in the environment before using candles infused with essential oils.

If any symptoms arise while using candles, it’s advisable to ventilate the room by opening windows and extinguishing the flame. Some individuals may find that fragrance-free candles suit them better or that they need to avoid using scented products altogether for their well-being.

To Sum It All Up…

When it comes to aromatherapy candles, they are said to contain essential oils that have the potential to alleviate stress and anxiety. Nevertheless, it remains uncertain whether these oils truly offer therapeutic advantages or if the calming effects of candles are purely psychological.

When it comes to buying a candle, there are a number of key factors that should be taken into account. These factors encompass the ingredients utilized, the potential presence of synthetic fragrances, and the eco-friendly practices implemented by candle manufacturers.

Moreover, it’s important to consider that certain individuals may need to exercise caution with regards to specific essential oils or other elements found in candles. If any adverse reactions arise from using scented candles, it is advised to cease their use promptly.