DIY coffee candle with upcycled material

Ah, the alluring aroma of coffee, a scent that has the power to captivate just about anyone (I bet you’re hooked on it too if you’re reading this). It’s a fragrance that halts you in your tracks and lures you towards the closest coffee joint or tempts you to break your “no coffee after 3pm” rule. But fear not, for we have a simple solution for satisfying your craving for that delightful coffee smell without having to brew a fresh cup. Behold, the effortless DIY coffee candle!

The DIY coffee candle featured here not only smells good, but also looks great as a decorative piece for your home. All the while using eco-friendly and natural ingredients acquired through upcycling.

Things Needed for Your DIY Coffee Candle:


  1. Prepare the upcycled coffee mug by thoroughly washing and drying it.
  2. Get the natural candle wick and superglue. Apply a drop of the latter on the bottom of the base of the wick. Afterwards, place the wick base in the mug’s center and allow it to dry. This step is highly recommended to ensure that the wick stays in place.
  3. Melt the palm wax (around 12 oz. is suggested). To do so, place the wax on a sauce pan which in turn is on a stove top. The stove top’s heat should be set to medium or high.
  4. Measure a tablespoon of ground or whole bean coffee, regardless if it is unused or used.
  5. When the wax is already melted, pour out into a thin layer inside the mug while the wick is held straight up. When pouring, using a funnel is recommended to avoid making a mess and having to clean up spilled wax.
  6. Add a sparse layer of coffee, then pour the remaining wax. Before the wax solidifies, add the remaining coffee and gently stir to coat it with the wax. Avoid having the coffee very close to the wick because when the candle is lit, they will burn.
  7. If you’re an adventurous beginner, or have prior experience making candles, you might want to add essential oils. Mint, tobacco, and vanilla are some examples of essential oils that add depth to a candle’s scent.
  8. Keep the wick centered and vertical, while allowing the wax to dry for an hour.
  9. When the wax has solidified, trim the wick. Your decorative coffee candle is now ready to be burned and enjoyed.

Final Notes:

With the directions shared here, you should be able to create your own decorative coffee candle. On the other hand, if this made you realize that candle making isn’t for you, you could just get DFY or done for you coffee scented candles.